Cabin Life – Case Study


Increase enquiry numbers from online traffic to generate more sales.

Cabinlife had a website built in 2013 that outlived it’s time. It was not mobile friendly, hard to update, with minimal on page SEO capabilities. Most enquiries were phone calls or email and no automated systems in place which meant each enquiry had to be dealt with manually.

Strategy 1

Replace old website to the current ‘mobile friendly’ version and improve on page SEO.

Strategy 2

Use Facebook retargeting to maintain interest from web traffic after exiting website.

Strategy 3

Create 2D & 3D Floor Plans for Each Cabin, these will enable the potential buyer to see the layout and size of the cabins in a more realistic manner before making contact to Purchase the Cabin.

Strategy 4

Improve Oraganic SEO with onpage content and the use of youtube video content


4.5x the monthly enquiry levels from the new website.

Sales have increased by over 125% since the site went live in early 2019.

Maintained organic SEO position with the new site. Implemented 303 redirects to old links was a key. On page SEO has improved google traffic significantly.

Mobile traffic is now 75% of all traffic to the site, with multiple page views increasing by 3x, and time on site averaging over 5 minutes.

Analytics showing exact per cabin page stats to allow continual development of the website with replacement of lower volume cabins with a new range.

Significantly reduced the on phone time for the client by having all the details per cabin on the page or available on the website. The large DIY video section allows repetitive questions to be answered online instead of on the phone.

Ongoing Works On the Site

  1. Build out affiliate sites for sales reps / builders in specific regional areas
  2. Facebook Ads to sell old cabins styles in stock and introduce new styles to the range.
  3. Local SEO / GMB to achieve a greater % of sales in the 100km radius of the head office location. Meaning less travel, expenses and downtime for the sales reps and building crew.
  4. Automation of database communication to maintain interest from enquiries and stay top of mind for potential buyers. Focus on Quality, Range, Availability ect.. while solving the emotional buying triggers for the potential clients have for the additional space.
  5. To assist Cabin Life Owner Keith to Create more Video content to be shared / distributed through out the website. Such as DIY Content for DIY Cabin Buyers or Final Product Walk Throughs of completed Cabins.

Affiliate Site for a Cabin Life Authorised Reseller

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