IPD Marketing’s Services

Virtual Marketing Manager

Explore the option of using a local, experienced ‘Senior Marketing Consultant’ instead of hiring internally. There are many benefits. It might be the missing link to your business growth.

Facebook Marketing

See the difference paid advertising will bring to your sales funnel. Well targeted campaigns generate significant traffic and lots of new business. We are highly skilled. Taught 1 on 1 from the world’s best. Results will happen.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) significantly attracts more people to you instead of your competitors. Critical to have this done right and own your spot in Google. Become the #1 sort after business in your niche.

Maps 3-Pack

The most under-used, yet the most important way to have ‘ready to buy’ clients make contact to you. Luckily, we are rated a #1 agency at getting you ranked in the ‘3-Pack’. Trust us. We are good at this.


‘Google My Business’ is the main step to having Google recognise your business locally online. We possess a very specific set of skills to have you rank locally in the ‘Maps 3-Pack’

Web Design

Websites need more than to just look pretty. Mobile friendly, responsive designs are essential to get people to the right content, fast, and then make an enquiry is the outcome you need.

Email Campaigns

Having an automated email system to deliver specific content without the need to do it manually. Every business must have this. Prospects need nurturing over time. Email works.

Social Media

It’s not always about posting stuff and hoping for engagement. Used correctly platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and even Twitter can drive people to your brand.

Google Reviews

Genuine reviews are massively important to build credibility and loyalty with your prospects and clients. Fact is; People will call and trust a company with more positive reviews than others without.


Understanding the numbers and visit patterns of your website helps develop the website functionality and if the content is relevant. This is 20 minutes twice a month you need to make time for.


AdWords generates click traffic for keywords people are currently searching for. Detailed campaigns can have significant benefit. Instant traffic and pay per click setup. Correct setup is critical to not waste money.

Display Advertising

Used extensively in retargeting campaigns. Great brand awareness builder, measurable results, flexible layouts to suit ‘third-party’ sites. Builds “top of mind” recall by prospects.

Video Marketing

Your clients love videos. You should study the benefits. They build trust & credibility. Short videos explain everything about you or the product / service. They rank well, look good and can make you money.

Press Releases

A well written press release gives plenty of ‘Google Juice’ to your website when done correctly. A preferred way to increase your Domain Authority (DA) over time. Results in improved organic traffic to your website. Good way to launch new products.


Citations give Google the consistency across the web with your main contact details. When located on more sites than your competitors, Google will rank you higher. These are good to have.


This is a Google ranking method when done with High Authority sites give you a welcome boost in your Domain Authority (DA). Time consuming to build correctly, but a great long term strategy for increased web traffic and ranking.

Geo Networks

A behind the scenes way to create an authority network based around your location. It geo-optimises local service areas to power up your Maps 3-Pack ranking. It also adds significant local relevancy to your website.


Blogs with decent and relevant content, are a major SEO ranking factor over time. Google responds positively with fresh and regular new content, plus it keeps your audience engaged with your brand. A Win-Win for everyone.