Internal Hire Vs Outsourcing

You and I both know, there comes a time when you consider increasing staff. The thought of having a specialised Marketing person on staff could be a great move, or does it come with drawbacks. If you go cheap to save some coin > you get inexperience. If you need a well rounded Senior Marketer with 20+ years of experience, it will need a package of around 130-180K and they will expect a decent marketing budget to work with when they get there. So, most likely you have done nothing yet while you juggle your time to manage the marketing yourself while doing everything else.

Here is a solution. A “Virtual Marketing Manager” can deliver everything you need, at around 20 to 25% of the cost to hire an internal staff member. The focussed attention to deliver results, backed by a no-fee guarantee if results don’t happen, makes this worthy of consideration. Outsourcing might be the right move for you right now. Important: We don’t mean overseas marketers. Were talking locally based and working 1 on 1 alongside you.


The complete scope of works comes in approx. 25% of the cost to hire an internal Marketing Manager. Without the risks associated with bad performance or a casual attitude to results, as “they are getting paid anyway”. As a contractor, we have to perform to the highest level to ensure we meet the set objectives otherwise we keep working for free until we do.


With IPD Marketing, you get a team working collectively, using multiple sources of intelligence, skills and continuity. Not to mention access to our highly skilled network we have assembled. You can’t get that from a single hire. To learn more about how IPD Marketing can help you achieve your Marketing and Growth expectations, contact us for a confidential, no obligation 15 minute discussion, to see if outsourcing can work for you.

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If you own a business you must have these 6 elements in place for your online presence BEFORE any other marketing should be done. This is where we start the ‘Done for You’ service. We get what you currently have up to speed and consistent across your website, Facebook, other social media sites. We also analyse your current Google footprint, and ensure the local GMB is setup to capture the basics you are missing out on every day. This is priced specifically for you as a scope of works over the first 2-3 months at the start of our relationship working together. Once this is setup as needed, you then have the springboard to make great things happen in your business.


Has it been updated in last 2 years? Does it read on mobile phones correctly?

NO – We can build you a website that is content rich, SEO’d correctly, mobile responsive, geared for prospects to make an enquiry.

YES – We will tune it up for: Enquiries, Keywords, Mobile friendly layout, Publish it to Google, Analyse & fix On-Page SEO, Add elements like Facebook pixel, J-SON schema + much more. 


Do you have a Verified Google Business Profile? It’s extremely important for Google to recognise your info for local area exposure.

NO – We build you a Verified GMB Profile & GMB Web page, Add Geo-Tagged Images and Content + heaps more

YES – We will ensure the Categories are in the right order, Add driving direction map embeds, Benchmark current local search, fine tune the  Info section, Geo Tag Images, Ad relevent content, Ensure the Geographic area matches your actual work region.


Do you have a current Facebook Business Page? Does the content posted match the most important products / services you provide?

NO – We will build you a Facebook Page with all the essential details loaded.

YES – We will ensure all the data matches the website and GMB profile. Also ensure content matches the Website, Frequency of posts, Test Engagement, write content plans + much more.


Do You have many ‘5 STAR’ Reviews on Google? Lots of positive reviews builds credibility and trust with your brand.

NO – We will implement our proven system for your happy clients to leave you a glowing 5 Star Review. Then continue to build up regular reviews over time.

YES – Excellent. We will show you how to capture many more. A great target is 50% more than your nearest competitor showing online. Who would you ring first > a company with 10 reviews or one with 50?

GOOGLE ANALYTICS – (for your Website)

Do you have Analytics installed on your website? Do you review this data at least monthly?  

NO – We install GA into your website and Setup a benchmark for your business. We then review key data at least weekly.

YES – We analyse the existing data, Develop plans for Social & Organic Reach. We then use the info as a benchmark for KPI’s and upcoming growth.


Do you have for your business > Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or even Twitter? Certain social media platforms work very well alongside Facebook. eg: A Restaurant, Hairdresser or Clothing shop can use Instagram to generate great results.  We also recommend – if you don’t use it often > delete it! it may be doing you more harm than good. 

NO – We only recommend and implement what’s truly needed in your business niche. These are secondary accounts to Facebook and Google, but can make a difference.

YES – We analyse what benefit they bring, update content to be inline with the other platforms, implement plans to compliment other online info and measure results for the time it takes to use these platforms in your daily business. 

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