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IPD Marketing is located at 14 Lake Road Swansea NSW 2281. The Marketing Agency is owned by Ian Davies. Ian has been a Marketing Consultant for in excess of 20 years, working alongside Advertising Agency owners while the transition from print to digital has materialised. Well before the current digital age Ian was known for the old school direct marketing techniques involving print and promotional products, mainly in the franchise community. Ian started his graphics training in 2001 when he was introduced to the industry by a Web Designer. Since then, the Internet Marketing Service Niche has had Ian’s interest ever since. Over the last 10 years the ‘old school’ offset printing has turned into a fraction of what it used to be. The digital printing service industry will continue to grow expodentially. You can see our case studies located on our website.

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About Us

Most of the services performed by IPD Marketing around Newcastle NSW, are dealing with day to day operations of our Marketing Agency. Facebook Marketing has become a very large part of the business and with years of training with some world level coaches as mentors, Ian has become a Facebook Marketing Authority and Facebook Ads Manager for some very large businesses around Australia. Today’s clients need a combination of Lead Generation & Local SEO work. Utilising the skills of our in-house Web Designer, We deliver outstanding websites and landing pages, with some quality strategies implemented which leads to enquiries being generated. Some of the other work focussed on in the Advertising Agency is Google My Business, GMB for short. A lot of time is spend in ranking clients in Google Maps 3-pack. A lot of Local SEO work is involved on websites and a combination of geographic information and keywords (hint: lots of keywords on this page for ranking purposes). They are normally built into your Web & Landing Pages, Email Funnels, Google Adwords Campaigns, Database Building, and Social Media posting including on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat.

Overall the niche industries the Marketing Agency of IPD Marketing like to work and generate great results with are (but not limited to): Building, Landscaping, Beauty, Hairdressers, Teeth Whitening, Mechanics, Window Tint, Retaining Walls, Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, Timber Cabins, Restaurants and Cafe’s, Retail shops, Jukebox Poker Machines, Arcade Games, Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate offices, Franchise Business, Hire Companies plus many more. The results are generated by identifing and implementing for the client; the exact tactics required to deliver new, local sales enquiries leading the business to achive sales growth, while also enhancing reputation management, repeat purchase strategies, Google & Facebook Leads + much more. We take market share away from your competitors (ethically), while bettering your local brand awareness.

Results are evident quickly, and IPD Marketing back ourselves with a “no fee guarantee”. No other Advertising or Marketing Agency, Web Designer or Internet Marketing Service can offer the combination of Facebook, Google and your mobile friendly Website like we do for our clients