Landscaper – Case Study


Develop sales funnel and lead generation for residential work for licenced landscapers and builders focussing on the concrete sleeper retaining wall market.

Over the last few years we have generated significant work in the hunter region for several different non-competing companies. The services we performed including initial quoting works worth in excess of $5 Million for residential work in the Hunter Region NSW.

The volume of leads continually generated meant we established an initial quoting service independent of the companies, then handed them qualified prospects that are making buying decisions. This cut my clients quoting time required significantly and improved the success rates of winning quotes.

Strategy 1

Develop Facebook pages and ads, sales funnels, website assets capable of demonstrating what’s possible including print brochures ect… Advertise to a target market identified over time and make initial contact both over the phone and with automated email content.

Strategy 3

Follow through with potential clients who made it through the initial phase. Follow-up is typically a 3-9 month period while people arrange finance, research and change designs or seek building approvals ect.

Strategy 2

Develop quoting systems robust enough to suit many situations and deal with potential customers on site for an initial meeting to establish the quality of the lead. Pass the lead over to the builder / landscaper most suited to finalise a quote for the client.

Digital Media Used

Facebook, Facebook ads, dedicated websites, landing pages, automated email funnels, Google Local Maps 3-pack, Google My Business (GMB), online reviews, local SEO and onsite SEO, before & after video’s, WorkflowMax for quoting.


A system that allows my client considerably less time quoting, with a significant higher success rate of winning jobs.

Highly profitable work generated consistently throughout the year allowing builders / landscapers to grow their workforce to handle the continual increase in jobs required.

The amount of work available on offer will never end. It is a win-win for all involved.