Teeth Whitening – Case Study


Get appointments for several teeth whitening clinic locations.

Strategy 1

Use several Facebook strategies to send the right offers and communication to the target demographic to achieve contactable leads.

Strategy 2

Deliver a mixture of automated email information, SMS and direct phone contact to confirm appointment times with new client and teeth whitening location.

Backed up with a solid website with plenty of information about the teeth whitening procedure and illustrate the Before and Afters that are not allowed on Facebook when advertising.

Strategy 3

Outrank all local competition using Google local SEO and Maps 3 pack techniques so the search term was always on top of the Maps 3-pack. This makes the phone ring as 74% of people will call direct from a mobile search from the Maps 3-pack.


Continual generation of new appointments all year round. Hundreds of leads generated at approx. 20% of the appointment cost, allowing the business to maintain an ongoing marketing strategy delivering a constant flow of appointments.

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